About Us


MyPCGuy offers clients the peace of mind we all need in todays’ information world. As you find yourself more and more dependent on your technology, you need to know that your information is secure and that you have someone watching out for you. We all make purchases online, pay our bills, do our banking and our finances, and we take for granted that the people we do business with guard our information. We need to do the same to insure that our information is guarded and that the people looking to steal this information are kept at bay.

I have spent the last 25 years in the IT field as administrator and director and have implemented company wide systems to take advantage of some great technology while making sure that we had rock solid anti-virus and malware protection covering the entire enterprise. I can leverage that knowledge and offer it to individuals at a personal level to meet your needs and give you the security that is required.

Most important of all features is you have someone to reach out to if you are suspect of any email or inquiry. Someone sends an innocuous email that looks very legitimate and you click on something that looks equally legitimate. Before you make the mistake of clicking that link, you let MyPCGuy know and he will handle it. I started this business for the personal equipment of coworkers and friends who understand what I do. Devices that open you up to an attack include your new multi-functional printer, your Smart TV and your kid’s X Box.

There is nothing to fear as long as you understand the threat and have the proper security in place to handle those threats. I do not want to waste your money or my time. We can talk and see if this a fit for both of us. If you are like the rest of my clients, you have a lot to lose if someone hacks your PC or steals information from you. If every time you hear a horror story about someone getting hacked and robbed you cringe, you probably don’t have enough security in place to prevent it from happening to you.

You have a handyman, a painter, an auto mechanic and a doctor that all fill a necessary role in your life. If you don’t have a personal PC Geek, maybe it’s time you got one?